A memorial was built in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania at the site of the 28th Infantry Division Shrine and the Pennsylvania Military Museum to honor those warriors who paid the ultimate price.  Soldiers from the brigade built a memorial while they were in Iraq to honor their fallen comrades.  That memorial was disassembled and brought back to Pennsylvania and was reconstructed in front of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs building at Fort Indiantown Gap.  The memorial built in Boalsburg is similar to the one built in Iraq, but is constructed out of granite and steel. See the "Photo" page for pictures. 
The Memorial Design
The memorial consists of an obelisk shape on a pedestal resting on a platform. The obelisk body is made of iron.  The surface of the obelisk will be pitted and scared with holes. The cap of the obelisk has an iron frame with four panels of glass.  The light from the pedestal shines up and out of the body.  It reflects off of the interior walls, the ID tags, and out the cap at the top.  

Inside the obelisk, dog tags for each fallen warrior are suspended from chains.  A light shines on them from the base of the structure skyward through the obelisk cap.  The cap is made of shattered vehicle glass and acts as a window through which their souls will shine for eternity.  As the wind passes through the structure the dog tags move with a wind chime suspended below them, creating a subtle sound, like the quiet whispers of the Fallen as they continue to speak to us.
The 28th Infantry Division Shrine at Boalsburg, PA
Memorial being constructed on January 17, 2012.
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Construction on the memorial was completed on
January 17,2012. 
Thank you to everyone who donated their time and finances!